Masturbation Boosts Your Immune System

Yes, the article is real. You can read it here. Yes, they quoted this lady and she is real too:

According to BDSM and fetish researcher Dr. Gloria Brame, an orgasm is the biggest non-drug induced blast of dopamine that we can experience.

I guess there is such a thing as a fetish researcher.

They do link to some studies like this one.

I wanted to make this blog post the “ridiculous study of the week” but I didn’t think it really was. Why? Because it gives hope to all those people still locked down (which may be ALL of us come January). This gives you all something to do. So go to it!

The pic above is from one of our parodies in the Placebo Journal. It also became a poster. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a cleaner image. Sorry.

Anyway, as life goes somewhat back to normal let’s start to focus on some of the more important things in life like jerking off. Just don’t shoot your eye out.

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