The Price We Pay for Our Subservient Medical Societies Led by the AMA

A recent post-election publication (Nov. 13th) by the President of the American Medical Association (AMA), Dr. Susan R. Bailey, demonstrates how far it will go to seek favor from the incoming administration. As if out of the Biden campaign, “Never again can we allow anti-science bias and rhetoric to undermine our public health institutions and discredit the work of physicians, scientists and researchers.” But the reality is totally different; the science as how to address this virus is NOT settled. There are tens of thousands of scientists and physicians that have signed on to the Great Barrington Declaration stating that our approach has been all wrong. Antibody data, confirmed by the CDC, has demonstrated that the virus has affected ten times the confirmed numbers, making testing the general population and contact tracing a waste of time and resources. Our efforts instead should be focused on protecting the vulnerable in our population. Additionally, physicians’ work was never discredited.

Looking into the future, Dr. Bailey, wanted “A system that protects the patient-physician relationship from outside influence at all costs.” Yet at the same time, the AMA endorses the myriad of mind-numbing administrative tasks heaped on physicians by government and insurance companies that has destroyed the patient-physician relationship.  She also wants, “A system that ensures that everyone has access to the affordable and meaningful coverage they need”.   Also, hypocritical, as access is NOT the same as care (i.e., Medicaid) and no mention that our government programs Medicare/Medicaid are on the verge of insolvency.

With the AMA having hundreds of million dollars’ worth of investment funds, salaries for its executives in the millions, the selling to pharma and others of physician contact information for over a hundred million dollars, a lucrative monopoly on CPT code books for physician billing, a sycophant of federal policy for profit, how different is the present organization from its founding based on ideals in 1847 by Dr. Nathan Smith Davis Sr. M.D., LLD?  Unfortunately, Dr. Davis (1817-1904) would not recognize his organization. He was a brilliant idealist who founded the AMA to bring better care to patients and vastly improve medical education. He laid the foundations for Northwestern University’s Medical and Law schools, created and was the first editor of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) and wrote several major medical texts. He created an organization that was an INDEPENDENT voice for better patient care that sought its influence by meeting the healthcare needs of the public, NOT by amassing a fortune and playing political games. 

Today’s AMA is not an honest physician voice for what is best for our patients, a tragedy leading to poor care at great cost.

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