Another Village, Another Idiot: “You realize you don’t have to be a Dr to be an anesthesiologist, cardiologist, pulmonologist etc.”

Ok, USMLE Step 3 behind me, residency interview season well underway, and here I sit on a Sunday evening; 8 mile run complete, and a pint of mint chocolate chip halfway consumed. However, this twitter comment (image above) has me distracted and rather annoyed. Is this really a doctorally prepared individual? I previously wrote about the village idiot in a blog about Florida legislating scope of practice versus increased scope of practice via education (  If this statement is indicative of the mindset of the doctorally prepared DNP (Doctor of Nursing practice), the village idiot has left Florida and pervaded the DNP curriculum. I was never a DNP, but was an MSN (Master of Science in nursing) prepared nurse practitioner (NP), so believe me when I say, this persons attempt to delineate the educational track for a DNP is false, sensationalized, and really gibberish. And really for your information (FYI), a DNP adds nothing clinically to an MSN prepared NP. Thus, a DNP is especially NOT prepared to practice at the clinical level for internal medicine. But what does that really mean anyway??  More gibberish. What clinical level for internal medicine? There is the clinical level of the NP, there is the clinical level of the PA, there is the clinical level of an MSIII on internal medicine clerkship, there is the clinical level of internal medicine physician intern and then resident and finally the clinical level of a residency trained, board-certified, internal medicine physician. Like it or not, they are not all on the same clinical level, or level education and training, and therefore scope of practice. I’ll leave that there, as I’m sure the hate, vitriol, and lies will ensue in the commentary. 

But what I really take umbrage to is the unintelligible comment:

“You realize you don’t have to be a Dr to be an anesthesiologist, cardiologist, pulmonologist etc.”

Perhaps this is the mantra being preached by the village idiot into the DNP curriculums. I don’t even know what to make of it. Is this person confused? Perhaps, but definitely delusional. Do they mean to imply that non physicians can be anesthesiologists, cardiologists, pulmonologists etc.? That’s delusional. The very nature of the term anesthesiologist, cardiologist, pulmonologist convey “physician that practices the branch of medicine” known as anesthesiology, cardiology, or pulmonary etc. Emphasis on “branch of medicine!” Not branch of nursing. I used to be a psychiatric NP, does this person think I could have been a non-physician psychiatrist, or even better, a nurse psychiatrist? (I mean, the CRNA’s are now referring to themselves as nurse anesthesiologists). To the same, a psychiatrist is a physician that practices the branch of medicine known as psychiatry. Are we now going to have an onslaught of nurse-cardiologists, nurse-pulmonologists, nurse-psychiatrists, and nurse-anesthesiologists? What’s most alarming in that question, is the implication on scope of practice that the belief of some, as indicated in the individual’s statement, that there is equivalence. Remember, this person believes themselves to be at the same “clinical level of internal medicine.”

This needs to stop, and the village idiot needs to move out of healthcare and find a new home. 

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