Laissez les bon temps masque …

Mardi Gras is not too far off as the calendar flies, and I’m ready for some extra hot sauce and zydeco.  Alas, the Crescent City is giving into the fear and has already pre-cancelled the outdoor parades and carousing.  Ahead of this, some intrepid partygoers have girded themselves (if not their loins) and forged ahead to the party.

“A swingers convention held in New Orleans last month resulted in 41 positive COVID-19 tests, reports.”  Out of 300 attendees, one was hospitalized in serious condition, and has since been discharged home, while the others had mild or no symptoms.

“All attendees were tested prior to the event and Naughty Events issued wristbands in one color to indicate attendees who had shown paperwork to prove they had antibodies and another colored wristband to indicate those who showed a very recent negative COVID-19 test.”

And then it gets funny.

“Masks were required in all public places.

Still, some of the attendees were lax.”  

That is just funny as hell, and the Big Easy continues to inspire hilarity if nothing else.  I look forward to returning there one day for less exotic recreation, and until then, I hope they’ll still ship my King Cakes on time. 

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