Why I Love Scrubs

I am retired from clinical medicine. I am taking a few months off to figure what I want to do next. For some reason I started watching Scrubs on Hulu. Holy crap. First, I forgot how funny it was. It came out while we were publishing the Placebo Journal so I am sure I didn’t watch it then out of jealousy. It is hilarious. Second, it is spot on. Yes, they skip a lot of things that go on in medicine. They have too. I have learned how 20 minute shows cannot be 100% accurate and need to abbreviate things. That being said, they really get a lot of it right. Third, it is so politically incorrect that it could not be made in today’s bullish%t cancel culture climate. And that is so sad. They have a diverse ethnic cast that was in their favor but their jokes about race, sexism, harassment, privilege, killing patients, GOMERS and even the PC cultures would ALL off the table today. In fact, I predict they will remove episodes in the future due to content and the idiots who can’t take a joke. I highly recommend you watch it before that happens. I just finished the third season and I actually miss practicing medicine. Maybe.

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