Mandatory Anal Probes for School Children in China

“Beijing reported a 9-year-old boy tested positive for COVID-19 last week, and his school conducted a variety of tests including serum antibody tests, nasal, throat, and even anal swabs for all its staff and students.”

The Global Times, a source labelled as China state-related media by Twitter, reported on these extreme measures in response to one child testing positive. In addition to mandating rectal exams, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) hurriedly built mass quarantine centers in provinces around the county and ordered testing of millions in Beijing in response to 3 new cases in Beijing. An internet video claims to show 38 buses lined up in a district in Beijing to force residents into a quarantine facility.

In Tonghua city, in the northern province of Jilin, local authorities imposed strict measures last week, resulting in residents being banned from leaving their homes. The homebound residents went on social media to complain about lack of food and medicine.

China imposed these measures although they reported only 134 new COVID cases yesterday. 

It reminds me of a scene from Dr. Zhivago. A party official in the new Soviet Union tells Dr. Zhivago not to listen to rumormongers who claim there is a typhus outbreak in Moscow. Shortly thereafter, the party official recruits Zhivago to make a house call to discreetly diagnose an ill man.

“Is it typhus?” the official nervously asks Zhivago.

“No,” the doctor responds. “It’s not typhus. It’s another disease we don’t have in Moscow:  starvation.”

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