Are You Feeling Impfneid?

When I was in high school, I took German.  It’s a funny language.  They smush words together to make new words.  Covid has created a lot of new German words:

Impfneid is “vaccine envy.” 

I’m seeing a lot of that in the office.  

Impfdrängler is someone who pushes their way to the front of the line to get a vaccine inappropriately.  My old patients lament their many illnesses and ask why they cannot get a vaccine but their 30-year-old neighbor finished their two shots weeks ago.

An angry resident of one of the more rural counties adjacent to us asked why all their politicians got a vaccine before the Nursing Home residents and staff got a vaccine.  I’m actually amazed at how many staff at Assisted Living and Nursing Home facilities have still not been able to receive the vaccine.

Here in Virginia, signing up for a vaccine continues to be a mess:

So, enjoy your Impfneid!

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