DO and BE Something Different in Your Private Practice!

When was the last time you planned something extraordinary—and pulled it off?

For many of us, this is likely to be a vacation, or maybe just a long weekend. Maybe it is finishing a great course or running a 10k or triathlon.

But do you think about extraordinary in your private practice too? If not, why not?

The reality is, in private practice extraordinary hours and days make extraordinary lives. Yes, still filled with ups and downs. But the more extraordinary patient experiences you CREATE, the better your satisfaction, income, and happiness.

Have you ever had a patient tell you your care was extraordinary? Of course, you have! Think back to that time and recreate it repeatedly. 

How about your best week ever? Same deal here.

And believe me, it is not the big things. It is the little daily nuances that mean the most. Patients of many years will tell you it is often the friendly caring staff and a warm environment and decor.

Remember, it is the incredible systems behind the scenes that allow you to do this in a systematic, profitable way! Try and do it without great systems and unique services and you will be toast very quickly.

So, as everyone else STRIVES to be the same, DO and BE something different!

But, most of all, be the absolute best you can be, every day!

If you find yourself stuck, remember there is nothing like CEO style training, some great mentoring and marketing skill sets to put your entire future back on target!

Just do not expect different results from the same old action. That, of course, is the hallmark of private practice owners’ insanity! 

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