Enablers. Another Bad Prognostic Sign.

In a continuing series, I will point out numerous  Bad Prognostic Signs-non medical


  • There are more people in the room than there are chairs.
  • You ask the patient a question, one they are perfectly capable of answering, and the “enabler” answers it for them. Especially the ones that the patient is the only one who can answer it like “What is the pain like” and “how bad is it?”
  • “The Shoulder Rubber”. The worst. As you are talking to the patient, they are rubbing the patient’s shoulder and telling them, ”It will all be alright”.

“What is the matter with these?” you ask. They are just providing support .

The problem is the enablers take over and the patient takes no responsibility for themselves. Chances of improving go way down if there is no buy in from the patient themselves.

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