Port-a-John McDonough: Ambiguous Titles for Health Providers are Not Good for Patients

Hi. Look at this wonderful picture of a Port-John.  When I was downrange in Iraq, these were considered a luxury.  A royal flush if you will. Now refer to the referenced article written by “Dr.” John P. McDonough, APRN, CRNA, EdD.   The article references Florida House Bill 721 introduced by Rep. Ralph Massullo purports to be an effort to eliminate patient confusion by reserving the title “anesthesiologist” exclusively for medical doctors.” An EdD referring to themselves as “Dr.” wants to use the title “anesthesiologist,” a physician term for a physician who practices the branch of medicine known as anesthesiology. “In 2019 I petitioned the Florida Board of Nursing and received a unanimous declaratory statement that I could use “nurse anesthesiologist” as a descriptor for my role along with the official CRNA designation.” Then the article draws a parallel, which seems a bit hypocritical, referencing that anesthesiology assistants started referring to themselves as anesthetists. Thereby encroaching on the CRNA certified registered nurse anesthetist realm.  So, am I to understand this as a complaint of anesthesiology assistants using terminology of anesthetists encroaching on the certified registered nurse anesthetists who now want to encroach on the physician realm using the term anesthesiologists? Am I the only one confused here? But, here we go with the ole reference to these dubious “studies:” “Numerous independent studies show no difference in the safety or quality of care when APRNs and CRNAs administer the services they have been educated and trained to deliver, compared to physicians providing the same services.” As is typical, this isn’t cited, and these studies have been debunked, debated, and riddled with bias and poor methodology. But hey, it sounds good right? To the same extent physicians want to differentiate themselves from CRNA’s, CRNAs want to differentiate themselves from “significantly less-trained assistants describe themselves as anesthetists.” So, Port-a-John wants the same thing physicians want, to differentiate themselves from “significantly less trained (his words)” CRNA’s. What’s the difference?

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