The Fight Against NPs and PAs Is Real

Finally, there is pushback to the encroachment of LELTs (Lesser Educated, Lesser Trained). This blog has been fighting them for 20 years. Seriously. Since then the NPs have only made their education and training WORSE! All the while they are getting bogus doctorates so they can call themselves doctors. Now PAs are getting doctorates too. They say it is just to compete for jobs with the NPs. Bullsh%t. It is because they are now pushing for independence so they can also call themselves and confuse patients.

Remember it all started with NPs wanting collaboration. The same with PAs.

Now they want to compete and they are devaluing the education and training of medical school are residencies. And all the medical organizations are doing nothing or little to fight back.

Thank goodness there is some doctors who are fighting back. We are with you 100%.

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