Memorial Day Message

“Gas, gas, gas …… “ – that same old fart and Veterans across the country know what that means. Just thought the old fart comment and gas go together to make a smile. But seriously, from a combat Veteran alive and well today, to the service men and women who never made it home, and never took off the uniform, i.e. died in the service of this great country: Thank You. The meaning of Memorial Day is to memorialize those who died in service to the great USA, you and I. What does this have to do with healthcare? Well, we have both the best Military in the world and the best health care system in the world. As jacked up as it is, with all its problems, I really believe we do. Even if it is plagued with problems like insurance, prior authorizations, cost, access to care, etc, and all he high jacking by lessor trained individuals, the research and advanced practice of residency and fellowship trained physician’s remains the model for the rest of the world. No wonder why so many want to come and train in the USA. I had the privilege of serving a career in the best military in the world. I now want serve in the best healthcare system as a physician. Even though the system really let me down this year, i.e. the NRMP Match, I’m holding out hope. Let’s all support the Resident Physician Shortage Reduction Act of 2021 on March 18 ( 

                  Lastly, as July approaches, all the new interns will start and be subject to ridicule, gas lighting, criticism, belittling, being set up for failure, and especially by the vial full practice authority (FPA) non-physician provider (NPP) brigade. My message to them and the interns:

“That scared intern who hobbles around cluelessly in the hospital wards with a stethoscope on ………

Before you laugh too hard at them, realize he/she is more of a badass than you could possibly imagine. (They made it through med-school and passed USMLE Steps)”

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