More Bad Prognostic Signs #2

The first edition of these was posted on March 26, 2021. There are lots of these. Feel free to add yours in the comments.

  • They have the “Magic Five” of allergies for Orthopaedic patients

1. Anti-inflammatory medication – we use that initially on almost everyone we first see for a non-urgent problem

2. Iodine – we use that on almost everybody to sterilize the skin for any procedure.

3. Latex – we use these kind of gloves for almost everything we do in the office or surgery

4. Penicillin or Keflex – if we use an antibiotic, we almost always use these

5. Narcotics (Codeine Percocet, Morphine) – we use these for almost everybody in severe pain, especially after surgery.      

The more of these, the worse the prognosis

  • The patient threatens you
  • “I’m going to give you a bad patient satisfaction survey”
  • “I’m going to sue you”
  • “You’re really going to be sorry if you don’t give me those pain pills”
  • They are crying as you walk into the room
  • They refuse to fill out their medical history
  • Their pain diagram has tears streaming down their face
  • The first word of every sentence is “Dude!” or “Bro!”
  • They have an “emotional support chihuahua” in a bag on their shoulder
  • They have sunglasses on in the office – and they don’t have an eye problem that requires it

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