Be Careful What You Read in the News About Healthcare

I really don’t think I need to belabor this point much. No ONE should trust the media anymore. Instead of being neutral and reporting the news they PURPOSELY push their own opinion and agenda. Let’s take this CNN piece, for example, entitled US comes in last in health care rankings of high-income countries. Wow, they pulled no punches on this one. But are we that bad?

First of all, this information comes from the Commonwealth Fund. This is a very far left leaning group whose goal is to socialize medicine here in this country. Their bias is palpable. In fact, they hate DPC. Does CNN mention this? Nah.

Of the countries they looked at, “the US is the only one of the 11 countries surveyed not to have universal health insurance coverage.” Okay, so this is a game where we basically compare our system vs. socialized healthcare systems. Got it.

Wait, there’s more:

“In no other country does income inequality so profoundly limit access to care as it does here,” Blumenthal said. “Far too many people cannot afford the care they need and far too many are uninsured, especially compared to other wealthy nations.”

Half of lower-income US adults reported that they did not receive care because of the cost, compared to just over a quarter of higher-income Americans, the study found. In the United Kingdom, only 12% of people with lower incomes and 7% with higher incomes said they faced such financial barriers.

What’s more, a high-income American was more likely to report financial hurdles than a low-income person in nearly all the other countries surveyed – which include Australia, Canada, France, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK.

I do agree that too many people are uninsured in this country. Why is that? Because the prices by these lowlife companies continue to skyrocket. But the Affordable Care Act made them more unaffordable than ever before! On the health exchange, some people pay nothing while others are gouged. It’s a Robin Hood plan where many people are refusing to be Robin Hood.

The poor, in this country, have Medicaid. That is their safety net. The rest of us have to pay for a crappy insurance plan that our politicians voted on which made it impossible to afford.

A few other quotes from the article:

In addition to lower access to care, the US also ranked poorly on maternal mortality, infant mortality, life expectancy at age 60, and deaths that were potentially preventable with timely access to care, the survey found.

These numbers above are easily statistically massaged to make us look bad. I’m not buying any of it and you can see what we wrote about this before.

And the nation landed at the bottom when it came to administrative efficiency because of the time providers and patients have to spend dealing with paperwork, duplicative medical testing and insurance disputes.

Oh, yes, this is all true. Would a socialized healthcare system make this better? No way. Hows the DMV and USPS doing?

You know what makes administrative efficency better? Direct Primary Care. It turns out that an actual free market works. It fixes almost all of these issues that the Commonwealth Fund bitches about. But they will never acknowledge this or us.

Or will they…

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