What Are We Doing?

Recently the Delta Variant of the Corona virus has become more prominent in the news because of an increase in cases reported, even in those that have been fully vaccinated. There is also an uptick in hospitalizations and deaths in those that have not been vaccinated.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but it appears, at the present time, that the vaccinations still protect against hospitalizations and deaths in those that have been fully vaccinated.

So in the news there is now a call for resumption of mask wearing and physical distancing, soon perhaps mandatory, because even those who are fully vaccinated can transmit virus to those who are not. In an interview 2 days ago Dr Walensky of the CDC said that is the main reason to resume those strategies.


What are we doing? This is both a question and an exclamation of frustration.

The vaccinations have been available for at least 6 months now and everyone who wants one has had plenty of chances to get one.

We who have been responsible and received the vaccinations are supposed to resume wearing masks and physical distancing to protect those who have not through their own choice?

I have the antiquated opinion that you should be responsible for your own behavior and actions-those of commission and omission. This is even though the personal injury bar makes mega-millions espousing the contrary.

The virus is here to stay and we have to learn to deal with it. If you are worried about it or have increased risk factors then you wear the mask and don’t go risky places-the 3 C’s. Confined spaces, crowded places, close contact.

Now that we have vaccinations available it is time to stop delaying the inevitable and get on with dealing with this virus instead of pretending it will go away.

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