What Do You Worry About?

This is different from what you usually see from me. My daughter gave me a Christmas gift of “Story Worth” where I get a question sent to me every week and my answers will, I’m told”, be made into some kind of book. So I have been answering them honestly. This week my question was …

What do you worry about?

I worry about the country and world my grandchildren are going to grow up and function in.

Erasing history that does not conform to present dogma

There is an old saying “Those that ignore history are doomed to repeat it.” Well, if you don’t know history because “someone” deleted it because they didn’t like it or it offended them or it doesn’t meet their current ideological view, then you can’t learn from it-positively or negatively. It is patently unfair to judge people of the past by present day standards. There are lots of good brilliant people who have made major contributions to our world who made the best decisions they could based upon the knowledge and customs of the time. Best example is Thomas Jefferson-indeed a slave owner but probably the chief architect of our democracy.

I would sure hate to be condemned 50 years from now for decisions I make in good conscience today at this time. And who gets to do that and who says they are correct?

That our population will learn to be dependent on somebody else for their welfare and not responsible for themselves and their decisions.
Cancelling student debt. Nobody forced them to take out that loan. But is it fair to the people who didn’t go to college (because they couldn’t afford it) or worked 2 jobs in college to pay their way or who have worked hard and actually met their obligation and paid off their loans? Those are the people (and you and I) who will pay for that debt because it doesn’t just “get cancelled”

Infinite ban on all evictions from rental property. The people who are struggling to pay for the utilities and their investment in rental property don’t get to stop paying off their obligations.

Permanent unemployment benefits that incentivize people to stay home and not go back to work

This is segues to…

The Drive for Socialism

Despite multiple examples of failed socialism (the Soviet Union, Cuba, Venezuela), there continues to be a concerted effort to turn our successful capitalism into a socialist state. Our

system has not been perfect, but it is history’s best example of creating wealth for the largest number of people and rewarding hard work, effort and creativity.
Aside from the obvious expense, I fear more that once the benefits of government largesse become so pervasive, it will take away the incentive for people to work. Witness the recent extended unemployment benefits. How do you explain more jobs being available than people willing to fill them and employers can’t get people to work? Once those benefits become ingrained and expected, it is unlikely that they will be taken away.

And once the incentive to work and save and invest and take risks as an entrepreneur is gone, people will say “Screw it! I’m just going to stay home and cash the checks they send me.” This then leads to …

Mountains of debt

I’ve said this for a long time and it just gets worse. Our politicians (both sides) irresponsibly keep generating more public debt that those grandchildren will be stuck with.
It’s outrageous they do what private citizens can’t do-borrow money with no responsibility.

An America that is not respected or looked to as a leader.

Look at what has just happened in Afghanistan. A botched withdrawal without consultation with allies that will result in multiple unnecessary deaths and fertilizing terrorist activities. Not to mention other world leaders looking at us as unreliable (our allies) or weakened prey (our enemies)

World’s superpower will be China because we are such a silly nation.

Bill Maher gave a recent opinion piece on why China is going to eat our lunch. “They build cities-we argue about environmental impacts and take decades to get infrastructure projects done. They see a problem and fix it. They bought Africa. We binge watch-they binge build. Our military is worried about inclusivity and diversity-theirs is training a fighting force to win. We see a problem and ignore it, lie about it, fight about it, endlessly litigate it, sunset clause it, kick it down the road and then write a bill where the half-assed solution doesn’t kick in for 10 years.”

I worry that my grandchildren, particularly the boys, will be ostracized just because they are white.
Don’t think it isn’t happening now! Do you see a white male in any commercial? The largest segment of our population is now in only in 4% of commercials. Black males are only 5% of our population and are in 89% of our TV ads.

Yes it happened to blacks in the past and still may happen today. It’s still wrong. Doing the same to whites just because of their race is just as wrong. Martin Luther King’s iconic speech about judging people by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin is still true.

Then why is anybody giving any credence to the proponents of White Fragility (You are racist just because you are white) and Critical Race Theory ( people are defined solely by their race.) “ Race is overtaking character and values. Your race should not be a pivotal structure to who you are”(Amala Ekpunobi a 20 year old social influencer who is 1⁄2 black, half white ). If a 20 year old can see this, why can’t everybody else?

Crime and the tolerance of crime

For the overwhelming most part, the police are not the bad guy-the bad guys are! By focusing on the rare cases of unarmed black men killed by policemen (9 in 2019) we are ignoring the 7500 blacks who die of criminal homicide each year. It is the poor black communities that are being hurt the most by this disproportionate focus.

Destruction of our social fabric

Somebody is trying to destroy our society and country and I’m not sure why because it is coming from within. “The left is very very supportive of anti American values and anti American speech.” (Amala Ekpunobi-her white mother was very involved with the left)

Unwillingness of prosecutors to prosecute those arrested. George Soros has financed campaigns all over the country for progressive district attorneys who won’t prosecute even capital crimes leading to no deterrent for crime. Witness Chicago on weekends

Public schools run by teachers unions for the benefit of the teachers and not the students’ education. The poor people in public schools are hurt the most

The fad of ignoring basic biology. There is a proposal in a Virginia school district where kids can go into whatever bathroom they wish or play sports with whatever gender they identify with.

Transgenderism. True transgenderism is extraordinarily rare (0.01 percent of the population and most of whom are male). But over the last decade there is a huge spike of teenage girls claiming gender dysphoria . They are pounced upon by teachers and therapists advocating “affirmative care” advocating pharmacologic treatment( which falsely claims to be reversible) and surgical treatment (elective double mastectomy or “top surgery” ) which absolutely is not reversible.

Every generation grows old thinking “What is this younger generation coming to?” “Long hair and rock and roll are tools of the devil” is what I heard growing up.

But these things I have mentioned somehow seem more structural and ominous to me.
I love my grandchildren. So I do worry about it.

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