Are We a Victim of Worldwide Deceit? Most Likely, Yes

With today’s advanced molecular biology techniques, the accidental release of a disease enhanced virion from a purely scientific laboratory can cause a worldwide pandemic. Thus, in effect there is NO longer a distinction between a purely scientific lab and a military facility. Yet nations actively support these scientific laboratories while claiming to abide by the various treaties, an executive order and law. U.S. Senator Dr. Roger Marshall in an excellent description of the creation of the SARS-CoV-2 virus states that various U.S. agencies have spent about $30 million on the Wuhan Institute of Virology, a supposedly purely scientific laboratory. (Ref.1).   
    For almost a century there has been an unsuccessful international effort to stop the creation and proliferation of biological weapons. The Geneva protocol of 1925 outlawed biological warfare (Ref.2). As with later attempts there were no enforcement mechanisms. Richard Nixon, when President, wrote an executive order unilaterally stopping work on offensive biological weapons, but defensive research and strategies were to continue (Ref.3). Another treaty, the Banning of Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention was signed by over a hundred nations in 1972 (Ref.4). Again, more of a public relations effort. Congress passed public law 101-298 in 1989 banning the use of biological weapons as part of an anti-terrorism law, but was very careful to allow research on any defensive work (Ref.5). This series of conventions, executive orders and laws were aimed to prevent the use of biological weapons during a conflict between nations or as a tool by terrorists.  They had no enforcement mechanisms causing nations, as with nuclear weapons, to limit their use via retaliatory capability.
    But how to continue research in this area to create more sophisticated weapons and appear at the same time to abide by these treaties and laws? By claiming that all work is not intended to be for a weapon, but only to better understand how to minimize the effect if another country uses a biological weapon or if one should appear from natural origins. How best to disguise that effort? Pursue the research in the name of science. Fund advanced viral laboratories that research how to make a virus more infective or perilous for humans. Publish the results as if it’s purely a scientific endeavor (Ref.6). Meanwhile maintain military labs that can produce and stockpile these disease enhanced viruses for the future or threat of use in case of a combat situation (Ref.7). So, in essence these scientific labs are in actuality also a military facility, despite the claims of the recent intelligence review (Ref.8).
    Why has Dr. Fauci defended funding collecting dangerous viruses (EchoHealth Alliance) and viral enhancing laboratories under the rubric that knowing how a virus can become more deadly would enable defensive strategies (Ref.9)? There is little to no possibility that humans would create a deadly virus in the same way that would evolve naturally. Also, as we have learned from this pandemic, the most dependable and efficient defense from SARS-CoV-2 is a vaccine that can be derived from knowing the genetic structure of the virus that now can be determined in a matter of days. Thus, this defensive strategy seems to be a subterfuge to continue this opaque funding of the development of more lethal biologic weapons.
    This viral research charade must end. No matter the definition, all work on enhancing viral contagion and/or lethality needs to be universally banned.  As we have witnessed, a viral leak will endanger the entire world population without regard to national boundaries. 

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