Bravery of Doctors

Last week I wrote a piece on “What Do You Fear” (published August 30 in Authentic Medicine) which I thought was a big step as I have never published anything on such controversial subjects. I assiduously have avoided conversations about these subjects, particularly with my family, because I was afraid there would be arguments and words said that can never be taken back.

I thought I was really brave.

Then I read a book about WWII where one of the main characters in the book is a recent med school graduate in Dusseldorf Germany when Hitler comes to power.
She can’t get a job and finally takes a job at Ravensbruck where she thinks she is becoming a “camp doctor” (just a different kind of camp-a concentration camp for women)

In order to keep her job (which she needs to feed her family) she starts down the slippery slope of a series of increasingly unethical treatments and procedures. She eventually makes further excuses, (“I’m just following orders”) and with increased pressure from the SS is eventually one of the main surgeons who participates in a series of experimental surgeries on unsuspecting Polish women (called The Rabbits).

Incisions were made in their legs, various materials were introduced into the wounds (including dirt, feces, tetanus) and the legs were placed in a cast. Treatment groups include nothing (Placebo) vs various types of sulfonamides antibiotics to see if those antibiotics can prevent the known and anticipated infections.

Good science, huh?. Controlled studies to determine treatment efficacy. “To help our country’s war effort”

Of course many died of tetanus, and necrosis and sepsis from the infection. Some survived with maimed legs of varying severity.

Here 80 years later we say “how could that have happened? I would never do that?”

But could I have said no to doing these inhumane experimental surgeries and treatments (or lack thereof) when the consequences of refusing were, at best losing your job and your family starving, to at worst, being executed for not following orders?

When today I am afraid to speak out against what I feel is wrong now because of criticism.

The reason I bring this up is my posting from last week (What I worry about) was my first attempt to speak out against the “wokeness” of our society today because of fear of retribution by the strident left who are more than willing to ruin your life if you don’t agree with their dogma. I won’t speak of it with anybody who I don’t know agrees with me 100%.

There is an old saying:

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

Edmund Burke

The point of all this long winded diatribe is to speak up and do something about what we feel is not right. None of us face execution if we do.

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