Authentic Medicine Podcast #1: Who Am I?

Episode One – Introduction (10 min or so)

  • Who am I? Doc, Father/husband, Inventor, Author, Editor – PJ, Speaker, Blogger
  • Purpose of the podcast
    1. Give people a backstage to the rock concert of medicine
    2. All things in health care are debated, discussed and criticized
    3. Very little medical cases are discussed
    4. May not be as politically correct as you want
  • I am no expert. Many times I am wrong and have to be set right
  • What’s to come?
    1. Discussions and interviews
    2. Some people you will know and some you won’t
    3. Movers and shakers
    4. Authors
    5. Physicians
  • Click image to play my official theme song, written for me, in full – Disruptive Physician from Little Jed and the Phat Daddies
  • Why I am the #1 Disruptive physician and the King of Medicine
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