Authentic Medicine Podcast #4: So You Want To Be An Inventor?

    • In this episode I talk about my experiences about being an inventor. I discuss a little about being an author but mostly talk about what it takes to get a new idea to fruition. I discuss my product called the Knee Saver and a little about the Cryohelmet. Listen, we all have great ideas but do you know what to do then? So you have something special but does that mean anything. Are you ready to create a life changing monster?I will explain why you need to find a reason NOT to move forward.  How to search for similar ideas and looking at the patent base.  Do you have the money and drive to really take years off your life? Do you want to really manufacture something? If not can you get a company to do it and what about royalties?

      I use book promotion of how companies may bury your product.  I explain how your idea will get stolen.

      So can you handle failure, loss of family, or live with an obsession in your life?  If so then check this episode out.  It may be life changing.

      Please listen to the podcast and give a review and rate.

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