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After closing down and clearing out we have found a box of issue number one and and a box of issue number two.  These are 10 years old and brand new.  They are collector’s items and will be available on a first come, first serve basis.   Very limited quantity left.  Only $30!

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  1. When I finished my residency and opened an office in 1951 the rate per visit was $3.00 But inflation alone would increase that way beyond $5.00 today. The good doctor must either be able to live on air or have a private fortune aside from his practice.

  2. I just want to say thanks for your great work! Keep it up! All the best. 🙂

  3. Doug, what JJ does understand is that so long as the USA is footing the bill for the rest of the world’s socialized medicine, we will never get any kind of affordable health care. The US picks up the tab for the profits the drug and supply companies dont make in other countries because of price lockdowns. Thus a cash price on Lyrica or Bander Braces is only $30 or so in the UK, but over $200 in the US. when politicians get the balls and dignity to not be bribed by the lobbyists, we will be stuck with half assed “reform” that does little more than continue the “us vs them” attitude. i had a patient tell me recently that he thinks doctors and nurses shouldnt be paid any more than $30/hr tops. but he, as a lawyer, thought it was perfectly fine that lawyers charge limitless hourly rates.

  4. The “Don’t Leave Us Behind” song is cute, with its snippets of stories and pictures of outraged citizens. So, okay, I get it. You are against health reform, a complicated question which has been used to political advantage by one political party whose interest is business, not patients. The marketing of catch phrases like “Death Panels” to describe hospice education has hit just like the advertising firms hoped it would. Repeal of the health care bill would also repeal the ban on excluding preexisting conditions. Giving the ball to insurance corporations will just make more problems and not for them, as they are profit-based, even the so-called not-for-profits like BC/BS. The problems will be for us, the doctors and people in need of care. And yet you have this simple little rallying song. How special.

    1. Hey JJ, you obviously don’t read my stuff. What is so “special” to me is someone making comments without actually spending time reading the blog or anything else on this site. Scary. Not “leaving patients behind” should be what we all agree on but somehow you take issue with it. Good for you. Did I say I was against healthcare reform? Dude, find somewhere else to show how smart you are.

      1. What on earth is the matter with people? The Health Care Bill needs repealed because it won’t work and because of all the other crap that is in it. The Health Care Bill should just address health care but is over a 1,000 pages long. I have not read the entire bill, but enough of it to know that it should not be enforced. But I am guessing that if JJ hasn’t read your blog or taken the time to know how caring physicians really feel, then he won’t have taken the time to check these facts either. He must have agreed with Pelosi when she said, “No, I haven’t read the bill, but let’s pass it and get things going. We can do that later”. I KNOW that you are for health care reform, but it has to be something that will work. I also know how you feels about insurance companies (esp. CEO’s). I am horrified at the future of our health care. Future…hell, I’m horrified of the present health care. Elderly have to be so sick to meet the severity of illness to qualify for admission that it’s shameful. Then, you are really expected to start them as observation and treat for 48 hours to see if you can’t get them well enough to dismiss home or “a lesser level of care” aka nursing home-non-skilled of course,or prove that they failed out patient treatment. You get 3 days for a stroke or myocardial infarction (if the intensity of services is high enough), and simple mastectomies and vaginal hysterectomies are same day surgeries (explain that to grandma). And now you want them to manage everybody’s health care (except political leaders and congressmen, they’ll use the commercial insurance that is furnished for them, they wouldn’t use what they expect the public to use)? Thanks, but no thanks.

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