Doug Farrago

The Medicare Obesity Decision

  A new Medicare ruling means that doctors will be paid for screening for obesity and counseling of those eligible beneficiaries. What does that mean?  It means that they will pay for face-to-face counseling every week for one month, then one counseling appointment every other week for the following five months for people who screen positive for…


Change in the healthcare system seems like a good thing we don’t know yet whether it will be worth it.  Like a new drug on the market we may end up seeing terrible side effects that hurt a lot of unsuspecting people.   A recent article in the USA Today  proves again to me the…

Principles of Authentic Medicine

This is an ongoing list of “rules” that define what authentic medicine is all about.  They are just some rough ideas.  I would love some feedback and additions that you may give. Be present on the job Quality is flexible,  subjective and sometimes indefinable Administrators should not be in charge of patient care Insurance companies…

The Pzifer $4 End Run

A few senators have now gotten into the scrum going on with Pfizer basically  blocking the generic release of Lipitor.    How Pfizer did this is pretty impressive.  By lowering the price to $4 and making that deal available to pharmacies and insurance companies, they effectively shut out the competition by price.   These techniques…

New “Meaningful Use” Bumper Sticker Ideas

  • 15000 hours will get you 15% with Meaningful Use….okay 1.5%
  • Meaningful Use: The other white noise
  • Meaningful Use: Even We Don’t Know What It Means
  • I’ve Got Your Meaningful Use Right Here!
  • Meaningful Use: Trust us, we’re the government
  • Meaningful Use – The best thing since leeches and bloodletting
  • Meaningful use- From the same people who brought us OBAMACARE !
  • Meaningful Use: Don’t think this means you’re not going to get screwed in the end
  • Meaningful Use = How to be used, meaningfully.