This section points out the lunacy of our healthcare system especially the bureaucratic drag, which is the friction holding doctors back from treating their patients. I believed that the Placebo Journal, which I published for ten years, did a great job poking fun at the Medical Axis of Evil (lawyers, insurance companies, PBMs, administrators, Big Pharma, etc). I have therefore decided to continue the tradition here in a smaller version. Enjoy and keep checking back as I will add new stuff regularly. Also, please send me some crazy examples how you have gotten the run around from our healthcare system. Email them to [email protected]

New “Meaningful Use” Bumper Sticker Ideas

  • 15000 hours will get you 15% with Meaningful Use….okay 1.5%
  • Meaningful Use: The other white noise
  • Meaningful Use: Even We Don’t Know What It Means
  • I’ve Got Your Meaningful Use Right Here!
  • Meaningful Use: Trust us, we’re the government
  • Meaningful Use – The best thing since leeches and bloodletting
  • Meaningful use- From the same people who brought us OBAMACARE !
  • Meaningful Use: Don’t think this means you’re not going to get screwed in the end
  • Meaningful Use = How to be used, meaningfully.

Top 15 Ways to Cheaply Boost Staff Morale

Have all providers go bottomless for the day. Dress as your favorite patient; extra points for mimicking the correct smell. Pretend you are an administrator for the day and do no work. Hide your favorite demented patient and play hide and go seek. Go on an outing to your favorite cemetery and see who can…