Humana Brings Together the Healthcare Industry’s Greatest Minds…

So, let me get this straight… no one actually knows what ‘value-based care‘ means, but we’re holding our 4th Annual Value-Based Care Summit for up to a $2400 registration fee? This is pure genius! Guys, if we can keep up this charade, maybe we’ll get profit sharing.

The 4th Annual Value-Based Care Summit is sponsored by Humana… shocking!

Cynthia R Stuart DO

Dr. Stuart is Board Certified in Family Medicine. Originally from Georgia, she spent most of her youth in Miami, Florida and has been a Texas resident since the early 1990s. She attended UNTHSC-Fort Worth and completed her residency at UTSW/Methodist Hospital System where she was Chief Resident in her senior year. She is an Associate Professor at UTSW and UNTHSC, participating as a preceptor for medical students and residents. She completed a two-year course at SMU Cox School of Business in Advanced Leadership that enables her to advocate for quality health care providers and local public health programs in her community. She is the head of the Credentials Committee, sits on the Medical Executive Committee and the Ethics Committee at Baylor Scott and White Hospital of Carrollton. She has appeared on numerous news and radio programs to educate the public about various health topics. Dr. Stuart has managed her private practice in Carrollton since 2005 and is now a Direct Primary Care Physician. 

  2 comments for “Humana Brings Together the Healthcare Industry’s Greatest Minds…

  1. Bridget Reidy
    June 29, 2019 at 4:29 pm

    But that is the game. Take an undefined euphemism and then use it to ruin health care further.

  2. Martha Clark, RN
    June 23, 2019 at 6:48 am

    Hilarious! ‘Value-based’…another meaningless term… like ‘Meaningless use’…😷🤢

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