Lack of Insight

Another study telling us we need to continue to be active into middle-age and later life so as to decrease all cause mortality. Seriously! Do we need another study to tell us that?

Just recently we had this study. If you Google “increased activity leads to lower mortality”, you will pull up a plethora of studies.

Why are we using precious grants and good money to do these studies that teach us nothing more than what we have already known for decades? It’s time to stop flogging a dead horse. Instead, all this money could be channeled into helping Americans to actually increase their activity well into their old age.

Numerous studies have also shown that active children grow into active adults and into active seniors for the most part. Lets incentivize exercise and walking. Increase public transportation and bike lanes. Make walking and biking to school and work, more safe and feasible for all Americans. Quit cutting physical exercise programs at schools. The inner cities of America especially need more greener and safer spaces to enable increased pedestrian activity.

We all know what needs to be done. We just need to do it. And no more of these studies please. 

Anupama Verma MD

Anupama Verma is a board-certified nephrologist practicing for close to seventeen years in Green Bay, Wisconsin. She graduated from the University of Nigeria and subsequently moved briefly to England. She then moved to the United States where she did her residency in internal medicine at the University of Pennsylvania/ Presbyterian health system. She did her fellowship in Nephrology at Lankenau Hospital in Philadelphia. She has lived and observed the practice of medicine on four continents and thus has unique insights into global healthcare. In addition, she teaches medical students and serves on the pharmaceutical and therapeutics committee at Bellin hospital. She believes strongly in preventive medicine and medical narratives to bring about change and healing. She is a patient and physician advocate and has contributed articles to KevinMD and Doximity among others. She is on Twitter and instagram @anuvmd.