Authentic Medicine Podcast

From the country’s #1 disruptive physician comes the only podcast which combines the humor of the infamous Placebo Journal with the wit of the Authentic Medicine Blog.  Dr. Farrago interviews doctors, change makers, CEOs, and innovators to give listeners the backstage pass to what is really going on in the healthcare today.

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  • Episode One – Introduction (10 min or so)
    • Who am I? Doc, Father/husband, Inventor, Author, Editor – PJ, Speaker, Blogger
    • Purpose of the podcast
      1. Give people a backstage to the rock concert of medicine
        1. Saw it then this concert sucks
      2. All things in health care are debated, discussed and criticized
      3. Very little medical cases are discussed
      4. May not be as politically correct as you want
    • I am no expert. Many times I am wrong and have to be set right
    • What’s to come?
      1. Discussions and interviews
      2. Some people you will know and some you won’t
      3. Movers and shakers
      4. Authors
      5. Physicians
    • Click image to play my official theme song, written for me, in full – Disruptive Physician from Little Jed and the Phat Daddies
    • Why I am #1 Disruptive physician and the King of Medicine
    • Enjoy and send feedback
  • Episode 2 – How can you be as big as Sasquatch and not be Funny? Interview with Vance Lassey MD
    • Who is Vance?
    • How we met
    • What inspired you to become a doc?
    • Why is humor so important to you?
    • You once told me that if you had a chance to do comedy that would be the only thing you would give up medicine for. Why?
    • Placebo Journal history
    • click to see Physician’s Fitness Magazine parody
    • KydKontrol radio spot
    • Our October fest AAFP meeting – Lederhosen
    • Everyone seems normal until you get to know them. What’s not normal about you?
    • What advice would you give a high school senior thinking about being a doctor?
    • If you were dx with one year to live, how would it change your life?
  • Episode 3: The Only Funny Man Left in Medicine – ZDoggMD
    • In this episode I talk with Zubin Damania and his history as a doctor (yes, he still sees patients) as well as our common interests: humor, side gigs, laughing, the Big Lebowski, etc. 
    • ZDoggMD talks about picking his alias name and it somehow involved me!
    • Zubin mentions the controversy he has had with other docs and I think his point of view hasn’t been heard. I really believe he is a good man and is pro-doctor. He explains it better.
    • His singing and rapping and parodies are hard work and he explains that too.
    • Zubin needs credit for following a dream and passion and we need to salute that
    • I include a Doc Vader audio bit in the piece (It was spliced in from his video)
    • His website is HERE
    • Here is a classic video from him

    •  And from his show Against Medical Advice