1 comment for “Quote of the Week: Herbert Bayard Swope

  1. May 18, 2018 at 6:46 am

    Any news or news commentary or even comedy on the topic of current or recent (about the past 70 years or so) politics is bound to get people outraged, excited, and raise blood pressure and heart rate. Having several people in the waiting room, all on different sides of the matter, all having strongly held opinions or beliefs on the matter, will no doubt lead to arguing.

    The same could be said for certain dramas and many sports broadcasts as well.

    All will go in with elevated heart rates and elevated blood pressure. Giving medications to treat these conditions all carry inherent risks, and with altered and non-resting numbers for blood pressure and heart rate no doubt causes some patients to be recommended treatment needlessly – thus accepting ALL of the risks with NO possible benefits. On the other side, those with slower-than-normal heart rates or below-normal blood pressures – conditions which warrant further investigation and treatment will go unnoticed for several visits or years.

    This is certainly not good medicine. Let’s get rid of televisions in waiting rooms, or things which get few people very excited, such as the Weather Channel or even the Golf Channel – or maybe the Home Shopping Network.

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