Let’s Not Jump To Conclusions….But…

This story about the homeless woman removed from the hospital (in cuffs) who was then jailed and died is absolutely terrible.   It happened in September so there really shouldn’t be any new facts discovered (i.e. the “hoodie” case).    How three hospitals could miss a DVT is weird.     I do not like the statement made by St. Mary’s Health Center which went:

“The sad reality is that emergency departments across the country are often a place of last resort for many people in our society who suffer from complex social problems that become medical issues when they are not addressed. It is unfortunate that it takes a tragic event like this to call attention to a crisis in our midst.”

Are they really trying to make this case a call to arms to fix all the social ills of the country?   Talk about trying to deflect attention.  Someone needs a new PR person. Yes, ERs do see a lot of complex social problems which can turn into medical problems.  So do family doctors and internists.   Actually, so do all doctors.   That being said, and forgive me if new facts do get uncovered, someone should have got a damn ultrasound on this lady’s leg.