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Probably not the best place for this but these situations do occur.   My partner told me of a case years back where the wife of a patient complained that her husband had this same nasty habit.  There are infections transmitted from animals to humans and they are called zoonoses.  You can see a list here.   That being said you seem to never get over the shock of reading reports like these:

A 77-year-old man in southern Oklahoma has been charged with a crime against nature in connection with an incident in which he allegedly violated a pig. Jimmy “Hawkeye” Jeter, of Davis, was arrested Thursday after a camera allegedly caught him sexually assaulting a show pig. The incident occurred in an agriculture barn on property belonging to Davis Public Schools, police said. According to court documents obtained by KFOR-TV, Jeter walked into the pig pen, “unzipped his pants, appeared to pull something out of his pants, then bent over” a female pig.

That’s not the Hawkeye I remember from M.A.S.H. fame.    Which brings me to this week’s poll.   I needed to lighten things up a little.

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