Medical Tourism Heating Up

I have always been a fan of medical tourism.   If any country wants to hire me as their “medical” ambassador, just give me a call.  Why?  The bottom line is that if the doctors are good and the price is much cheaper then they deserve the business.  And what a business it is. Nearly three million patients go abroad for medical treatment every year. There was a 100 billion dollars spent in 2012, compared with 79 billion in 2010.   This is not to say that medical tourism is perfect.  As the linked article says, the aftercare is lacking.   Agreed.   But I still believe in competition and I have blogged before how offering services outside of this country has brought new options and lower costs in this country.  Funny how that happens.   And seriously, if any country wants a spokesperson, ambassador, liaison or overall good guy to represent their country for medical tourism then you know where to find me.

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