Here is a link to video news reports about a physician who won’t see obese patients.  She claims it puts here staff’s health in jeopardy. Fine.  By the way, I love how the news people are aghast at the whole incident.  Though I think it is a ridiculous rule of hers, I still stand behind her. Why?  Because it is a free country and physicians are not indentured servants.    The truth is that as government red tape grows, we may see a lot more doctors pushing back.  With all the unproven and bogus quality indicators coming down the pike, many physicians may balk at seeing noncompliant patients.   They don’t want to look bad because some of their patients basically brush their teeth with butter.  With the present administration NOT fixing the payment system to Medicare then there is also a good chance physicians will balk at seeing the elderly as well.    How do you fix this issue?  Well, you have two choices.  You can fix the problems to our system and the let the free market work its way out or you can hold physicians hostage by putting their licenses at risk.    The latter, by the way, is what Massachusetts is doing.   You know them, they are the only state that is a mini lab for the Affordable Healthcare Act.  See below from a previous post:

Under the plan, all Massachusetts doctors, hospitals and other providers must register with a new state bureaucracy as a condition of licensure—that is, permission to practice. They’ll be required to track and report their financial performance, price and cost trends, state-sanctioned quality measures, market share and other metrics.