Hospitals Losing Money

More than one-third of Massachusetts hospitals in fiscal year 2011 lost money.  Ouch.  Boston Medical Center reported the largest loss, at $25.1 million.  Granted, many of them are chock full of administrators (remember that there is a ratio of 5 admins to one doctor in this country) so I am very sure they are top heavy.   Oh, and they will probably fix this by cutting services, overburdening the poor nurses, and replacing as many healthcare givers with LELTs when they can. That being said, Massachusetts is a microcosm of what is to come for our healthcare system with the ACA.   We already know that we are short on primary care docs and that trend is amplified in Massachusetts.   Now we will be short on hospitals too.  And 1/3 sounds about right.  This is very scary.

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