Investment Advice

Weed is the future.   A few states have legalized it.    More and more states made it ok for medicinal uses.   I don’t smoke MJ.   There may be a use for it in chronic pain but I would make the case only if the patient did not take opioids.  That being said, why shouldn’t you benefit from it?  Here is some investor advice that you may want to know.  MedBox sells weed in a vending machine.    Yup, it is that easy.  After the election and the weed state laws changed, the WSJ mentioned the potential of this company.  It is an OTC company whose stock rose 300% in a few days.  I am not an investor in this product (yet) and do not recommend you ever listen to me for investment advice.  It is just fun to talk about weed vending machines, isn’t it?  What is even funnier is that the picture above was lifted right off their site and it is the worst photoshop effort I have ever seen!  The angles of the pasting aren’t even straight.  They obviously have no real machines yet.    What a riot.

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