Never Too Late

At age 87, former dentist, Dr. Charles Eugster took up bodybuilding.  He is now 93 and is kicking ass.

  • His reasons for picking up weights in his 80s are simple. “The idea is to turn the heads of the sexy young 70-year-old girls on the beach,” he says.
  • He now works out three to four times a week, often for two hours at a time, with his regime varying depending on his goals. Sometimes this involves a “heavy session of muscle building or rowing on the lake”.
  • When asked whether there are some days when he feels like skipping a training session or whether it hurts to do so much activity, his bemused look says it all: “Not really. Look, in order to build muscle you have to train your muscles to exhaustion. In fact it should be so strenuous that you have microscopic tears in your muscles.”

Rock, Chuck!    It is never too late… pick up chicks!  Thanks to Ana Gratacos for sending me this tidbit.

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