Can You Imagine?

I am a grunt.   I am in the trenches of medicine , right now working at an Urgent Care center.  Yes, it is my choice but this is the problem with healthcare.  This was just sent to me by one of my readers.  It seems Dr. Callahan needs an assistant:


Elizabeth Callahan, MD

Position: Personal Assistant to Physician
Job #:  21905 Openings: 1
Wage Range:  $25,000 – $30,000 Last Updated:  Monday, November 26, 2012
Job Type:  Administrative / Full-Time Job Location: Sarasota
Job Description:

Seeking organized detail-driven personal assistant for busy Sarasota physician. Full time position that encompasses organizing the professional and personal details of the owner/medical director of growing dermatology practice. Job duties include, but are not limited to: maintaining and organizing multiple calendars of professional and personal events; detailed travel arrangements (air, hotel, car service, etc); correspondence and other communication with various persons on behalf of doctor; miscellaneous errands. Must have exceptional organizational skills. Must be highly experienced with computers, both Windows and Mac, including computerized calendar software. Ability to deal with multiple requests using discretion and a positive attitude. Full time with occasional later hours. Some medical experience is a plus.
Job Qualifications:

High school diploma.

This was posted on for all to see so I am not digging up any dirt.   And her picture is used to show that she is a real person.   Basically I am just jealous.

Can you imagine making so much money as a doctor that you need a personal assistant?  I would love that.  No, actually I would want a bodyguard.   I would hire Vance Lassey, MD.   And my friend Lou Savarese.  He is an ex-boxer.  So, two bodyguards.  Both are over 6’5 ft tall.    And then I would have them dress in black suits and sun glasses and I would rule the world!


And that is the problem with the disparity of incomes between physicians.


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