Selling Us Down The River

Here is a nice article in Business Week that makes doctors out to be the bad guys in the nurse practitioner battle.   It is the same old, same old.   And without doctors being unified or pushing back, we will lose this battle.   I won’t rehash the same old arguments.  You can read them in my other blog entries.  My issue is with the person the author uses as their expert go-to-guy on this subject.  The article quotes from John Rowe, a physician and former chief executive officer of Aetna, who is now a professor of health policy and management at Columbia University.  Here is what he said:

“Doctors will tell you, ‘We trained longer, and by the way we were smarter to start with because it is harder to get into med school,’ ” says Columbia University’s Rowe. “You could take an example of someone like me: I trained in internal medicine at Harvard. Trained at NIH. Came back through Mass General. Fellowship in kidney disease. I was chief of geriatrics and a professor of medicine. Do I know more than a nurse? Of course I do, but I don’t know more about providing core primary care.”

That’s right.  You don’t know more about providing primary care.  We primary care doctors do!    This moron has so little respect for family docs and internists that he doesn’t even know we exist.

And that is why primary care is screwed.

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