Mammogram Quality


Per a recent WSJ article,  there is new “research concluding that screening mammograms save relatively few lives from breast cancer while discovering many cancers that wouldn’t have caused problems if left alone.”  So, maybe the USPTF was not so wrong?  The bottom line is, just like in prostate cancer, no one can tell which cancers that are found are the aggressive ones. As of now, any finding on the mammogram forces us to be aggressive in treatment which could cause more harm than good.  Remember that old “First, Do No Harm” mantra we are supposed to live by?

But here is my favorite part of the article:

A growing number of doctors are rated—and compensated—on the percentage of their patients who are up to date on screenings.

Once again, the bogus quality indicator fad raises its ugly head.   These stupid P4P measurements are not proven and are always behind the scientific times.  So will a doctor order the test to make her numbers look good or will she tell the patient to wait on the mammogram?  I have a good idea what she will do and it involves money.

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