How to be an Authentic Doctor #21: The Board is Not Your Friend


Your State Board of Medicine does not represent you.   They represent the public.  They are not your friend.  You pay them money every year for your license but in no way do they feel indebted to you.  Due to political pressures, these Boards have to penalize a certain amount of doctors every year in order to satisfy groups like Public Citizen.   Some of these doctors deserve it.  Many do not.  The State Board of Medicine is your enemy.  They have to listen to EVERY complaint by a patient, no matter how ridiculous it may be.   I was investigated for not giving antibiotics for a virus, which did not please a patient.   It didn’t matter to the Board.  They seem to investigate EVERY complaint by a patient else they fear public retribution.  The only ones they do NOT fear are doctors and so they have no problem making an example of as many as they can.  If you are ever investigated by your Board then cooperate fully.  If they pursue a complaint even more and ask you to come in for a hearing then you must pull out all the stops.   Even if they say that you do not need legal representation you still must get a lawyer.  Why? Because, they are lying and are suckering you into coming to the hearing without legal help.   This was their plan all along (you will know this when the letter says you do not need a lawyer but can bring one if you like).   And then they will punish you.   It is a numbers game.  So, find the best lawyer who has a history of irritating or intimating the board and hire him or her.  Pay the money.  It will save so much heartache later on.

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