Migraine Relief


I am sorry that this is a little off topic for the Authentic Medicine blog but I am the guy behind this thing and right now my life is consumed by many roles.  Obviously I write every day for this blog.  I also have a new job coming soon (more later) while I work another job 5 days a week.  I also have been working hard on the CryoHelmet for two years. Well, last night the Green Bay Packers played and lost.  Even worse, Eddie Lacy, who is their best running back, got a bad concussion.  It just reminded me how much we need to icing these guys’ heads! The experimental evidence for selective brain cooling and concussions is very impressive but getting the NFL to change is a slow process. The good news is that right now almost all Major League Baseball teams have at least one CryoHelmet. Here is a story about Alex Avila of the Detroit Tigers using it after his concussion. The above picture is of Wilin Rosario of the Colorado Rockies. We believe icing the head will be a major advancement in the treatment of concussions.

I have emailed many of you about another issue.  The weirdest pivot off this product has been the rave reviews people have been giving it for migraine relief. Check out just some of the testimonials here. We get them daily. It’s funny, I too suffer from bad headaches and have used a small children’s ice toy to help but NEVER thought of using the CryoHelmet. Now that I have used it I cannot believe how great it works. You just put it on and fall asleep. Most people get a 60-70% reduction in pain if not full relief!

I have so many patients with migraines that I thought it was wrong not to mention the CryoHelmet to them. I had asked All-Star to give them a 50% discount and they did. They also did me another favor. I am able to give any of my readers (that’s you) a 50% discount on a CryoHelmet for the next week. If you or anyone you know suffers from migraines or chronic headaches then they may want to try it as well. There are no known side effects and it may lessen your drug use tremendously.

To get this discount, go to www.cryohelmet.com and put in the word authentic upon checkout in the promo code box. That’s it. All-Star is so confident in this product that they will return your money if it doesn’t help. Feel free to pass this along to other migraine sufferers as most people seem to know someone who could use some natural relief.  Remember, this discount is only for a week.


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