Exorcisms, Sex and Chiropractic


Charles Manuel, an Iowa chiropractor, had his license suspended last month by the Iowa Board of Chiropractic after they learned he had traded sex with clients for his chiropractic services and allegedly performed exorcisms on some patients.

Okay, this blog entry is not to knock chiropractors.  There have been plenty of doctors guilty of the same thing….except for the exorcisms.  That is a new one for me.  The BEST part of this whole article, however, are the comments.  I cried laughing.  Here are a few of them but you can go look at the rest:

  • I’m actually impressed, as it takes a lot more schooling and skills to become an exorcist than it does a chiropractor.
  • Using back rubs to get sex is the oldest trick in the damn book
  • It was my go to move until they invented the popcorn bucket.
  • The difference between chiropractics and exorcism is that only one of these things has an authoritative body that believes it has any value, and it’s not the one you think.
  • Oooh, sexorcisms! That’s a good way to get the kink out of your back.
  • A chiropractor is the worst kind of exorcist, you’d need to go back weekly for demonic adjustments.

I welcome any more comments below.  Give it your best shot. I need to laugh more.

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