The Computer Doctor


So it will be a little more time before computers take over our jobs as doctors.  A new study found that “online sites that are symptom checkers, those tools that ask for information and suggest a diagnosis, are accurate only about half of the time”.  Whoops.  Now, I know some people think that the artificial intelligence will get catch up but I disagree.  There is something more to being human.  There are nuances that only a doctor, who is not rushing, can pick up.  Read any Malcolm Gladwell book. This doesn’t mean they won’t keep trying, though.  Less docs mean more money for hospital, administrators and insurers.  They will see this 50% accuracy as progress.  Heck, “the diagnosis accuracy rate for physicians is (only) 85 to 90 percent” so at what point do they say they are close enough? That is the only thing they care about.  Find that number and full steam ahead with computer doctors!