Fixing Physician Burnout is Easy!

In a Mayo Clinic Proceedings article entitled Executive Leadership and Physician Well-being: Nine Organizational Strategies to Promote Engagement and Reduce Burnout the authors were able to show how easy it is to fix this problem.  You can read it in its entirety if you want to learn that “engagement is the positive antithesis of burnout and is characterized by vigor, dedication, and absorption in work”. So who is up for some vigor?

For your amusement, here are the slides from the article:

See, it’s a piece of cake!

Let me stop the sarcasm right here.  First of all the title, Executive Leadership and Physician Well-Being, are terms that are diametrically opposed.  Maybe if they changed the title to Cutting Executive Leadership to Increase Physician Well-Being it would make much more sense?

Second of all, the absolute verbosity and confusion of these recommendations proves that these authors have no idea what they are talking about. Sure, the topic of physician burnout is hot right now so this will get them paid talks around the country and consultation gigs but it has NO USE in a practical situation.  But that doesn’t matter, right?

The bottom line is doctors need freedom.  Freedom from these idiot consultants.  Freedom from the oppressive administrators.  Freedom from the insurers.  Freedom from the government. Freedom from bogus quality metrics, freedom from pay-for-performance, and freedom from bureaucratic drag.

Problem solved.

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