Lower the Hurdles and You Get….

We have pointed out the ridiculous ways to become an NP and DNP.   We have pointed out the monstrous differences in training between a doctor and NP or DNP.  We have even pointed out how our governing bodies are too afraid to resist this overreach.

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And here is the result:

Nurse Practitioner Demand Eclipses Doctors As States Lift Hurdles

“The demand for nurse practitioners has never been higher,” American Association of Nurse Practitioners President Cindy Cooke said. “With the rise of full practice authority in 22 states and the District of Columbia, more patients than ever have direct access to high-quality nurse practitioner care in every setting–including the veterans’ health system.”

If you don’t know how this started then here is a glimpse:

In 1965, Loretta Ford and Henry Silver, a nurse and a physician, created the first training program for nurse practitioners. The curriculum focused on health promotion, disease prevention, and the health of children and families. According to Ford, society’s demand for primary care services and nursing’s potential to meet the need were the reasons for the development of nurse practitioners; the physician shortage merely provided the opportunity. Others describe the physician shortage as the rationale for the expansion of nurse practitioner programs nationwide.

It was all created to find someone to fill physician deprived areas. Fifty years later and do you really think that is where they are going?  It was a trojan horse and now it can’t be stopped.  And the AMA and the AAFP did nothing.

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