Teacher Shortage and the Doctor Comparison

This article talks about how schools throughout the country are grappling with a teacher shortage and I want to know how anyone is surprised by this? Why would anyone go into teaching when you are graded with useless and unproven metrics and made to do paperwork all day?

The similarities between doctors (and nurses) and teachers are seemingly endless and I go into detail here from an older post.  The author in this article talks about the two causes being

  1. Salary
  2. The job being too demanding.

Maybe.  Everyone would like more money but the “demanding” part is really not explained well by the author.  It is demanding due to bureaucratic drag.  The more paperwork and crap you make these people do only takes them away from what doing they love, which is teaching. Why do they not get this?  Add to this that they want to “grade” teachers on how the students score on national exams and it frustrates the hell out of them.

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The similar situation is going on in the medical profession. The more doctors and nurses are taken away from doing what they love the more they want to quit.  Add paperwork. Add bureaucratic drag. Add administrators.  Add metrics.  It is the perfect recipe for disaster.

So, with this teacher shortage, and knowing what we now know in healthcare, how do you think schools will respond?

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