Medical Bankruptcies

Let me start off this blog entry with a couple of caveats.  One, ANY medical bankruptcy is too many.   Second, I do not want to make this a partisan political thing.  There are ways around that.

According to an analysis published in the New England Journal of Medicine, hospitalizations cause only about 4 percent of personal bankruptcies among non-elderly U.S. adults.  To me, that seems like a crime.  That is a lot of people who get their lives destroyed by an illness.  So how do we tiptoe around politics here?  Well, as you may know, I don’t believe in socialized medicine but I understand those who do and their desire to have care for everyone. I want that too but just by different means.  For the very lowest of income, there is Medicaid.  For the rest, there need to be affordable plans.  There aren’t.  That’s the problem. The model that works and should be analyzed are these “health-sharing plans”.  They can be reproduced (maybe some without the religious component) and there could be hope.  But let’s leave that debate aside.  Some people, no matter what is available, will CHOOSE not to pay anything for coverage.  They don’t want to pay for anything and they are playing with fire. They will always be at risk for a medical bankruptcy.  That being said, I repeat, 4% is just way too high.

Now the fun part.  This NEJM study “contrasts with previous research by former Harvard professor and current U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren and others that pointed to medical reasons as the trigger for more than 60 percent of U.S. bankruptcies.”

Yes, you read that right. Sixty percent!!  Talk about bullsh$tting.

60% vs 4%.

So, what did we learn here?  We still need a better plan.  Health-sharing models need more attention, especially when paired with a DPC practice.  Second, and please keep your party politics to yourself, politicians lie.  Politicians, on both sides, are disgusting.  We are pawns to them.  We are used by them. Do not believe any of them. It doesn’t matter if they have a persona that you despise or one that you love.  They lie to get what they want.

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