Politics in the Waiting Room by Steve Mussey MD

This is a totally true story!

A specialty clinic we use has a television in their waiting room.  For several months, it was set to conservative station Fox News.  Finally a patient complained about the conservative slant and the receptionist let the patient change the channel.  The patient picked MSNBC, which lasted for several days.

One of my patients came to the clinic, saw the liberal MSNBC reporting and promptly went ballistic.  He started screaming. 

He screamed at the television.  He yelled at the receptionist.  He cursed at another patient who argued with him.  He was so disruptive, he was discharged from the practice.

He wrote an angry letter, protesting the liberal slant of the clinic.  The clinic’s office manager met with the patient and attempted to find a middle ground.

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The manager suggested CNN.  This resulted in an immediate profanity laced tirade.

The patient then immediately marched to our office, where he blasted us for referring to such a “liberal lying bunch of scum!”

Since that encounter, the problem has continued.  The clinic later switched the channel to HGTV, but this, too, was considered too liberal.

My suggestion: Get rid of the TV or switch it to the Weather Channel.

I love the Weather Channel!  How can anyone hate the Weather Channel?

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