ARB Recall by Steven Mussey, M.D.

This recall of the ARB’s (Angiotensin Receptor Blockers) is wreaking havoc on doctors and pharmacists. It started with Valsartan.  So, we switched people to Losartan.  Then Losartan was recalled.  We tried Olmesartan but the insurance companies rejected the switch due to costs.  We then tried Irbesartan, which worked… until the recall hit Irbesartan.  Now, all three of the affordable drugs are unavailable.  Uh… Oh, yeah!  Telmisartan might work! Then, the stories came out:  All the “sartans” are suspect!

No one is communicating to the doctors!  We’re out here on our own, trying to figure out how to keep blood pressures controlled without causing side effects or cancer!The FDA looks totally incompetent!

Big pharmacies look absurd with their letters to patients:  “Your drug may… or may not be causing cancer.  We’re not sure.  Ask your doctor!”  (Since when do doctors track lot numbers and generic manufacturers when they write for a medication?)

It is every hour of every day!  Letters in the mail with lists of patients but no useful information!  Calls and faxes from pharmacies and patients!  Everyday, patients are coming in who have stopped ALL their medicine because they don’t want cancer.

This is insanity!

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