Cynicism Up, Answers Down

I really don’t know how to truly define burnout. It seems complicated. Zdogg likes the term “moral injury”. Fine. Maybe it’s just when doctors truly start hating their job? I’m not sure. All I know is that it’s getting worse. A recent study on March 15, in JAMA Network Open, observed an increase in burnout from 2014 to 2017, from 40.6 to 45.6 percent. There was a correlation for the increased rate with an increase in exhaustion (from 52.9 to 57.7 percent) and in cynicism (from 44.8 to 51.1 percent). BINGO!!! Yes, that last term that hits home with me. CYNICISM. Like in being cynical. Let me give you an example from the article linked above:

“Remediation of burnout in health care necessitates centrally and locally designed initiatives,” the authors write. “Solutions to address physician burnout will entail shared commitment from physicians and organizations, as well as physician-, practice-, and institution-level initiatives.”

I have no idea what they said but I believe they are full of sh%t and there is not way it is going to fix anything. You see…..CYNICISM. Now I get it. And got it.

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