Should MDs/DOs and PAs Truly Team Up Outside the Office?

Recently, this blog criticized the doctorate programs of PAs. The obvious reason is the ultimate confusion it may cause. What I have learned from some PAs that I know, as well as comments by other PAs, is that these doctorate programs are more to keep up with NPs. The NPs are seemingly favored by adminisrators because of their cheap cost and their politically enabled ability to be independent. It seems to me that PAs are in competition more with NPs and don’t want compete with doctors. Am I wrong?

What you can see above are the goals by the AANP. They have now gone on record stating that they want patients to “choose NPs as their health care provider”. It is obvious that they no longer what to be collaborative with doctors, but instead choose to be competitive. (I cannot find these goals anymore online. They have been deleted or are hidden).

For doctors:

  • Should you continue to oversee them?
  • Should you continue to use them as a source of income?
  • Should you refer a patient to a specialist and allow that patient to see an NP as the consultant?

For PAs:

  • Do you see a role in collaborating with doctors?
  • Do you hold firm not to try and be independent and use you doctorate to confuse patients?
  • Work with doctors to fight against the NP political machine, which claims to have equality in training and care?

I think there is an opportunity for MDs/DOs and PAs to work together outside the office to stop the madness portrayed by the image above. What are your thoughts? I would love to hear from all sides here.

(Any vicious attacks and comments by NPs will be deleted).

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