Introducing your Value-Based Payment Staff

If you haven’t heard, the newest buzz term is Value-Based Payment. It’s so hot right now, like Hansel from Zoolander. Of course, it is the same thing as pay-for-performance, quality metrics and on and on. They just change the name and make everyone change their practices. Here is what the newest fad will entail:

As they shift to value-based payment, primary care practices will need staff with a higher skill mix aimed at keeping patients healthy, according to a new analysis.

Practices will need to add new staff such as behavioral health providers, social workers, nutritionists, and pharmacist support, according to a white paper from Premier Inc., a healthcare improvement company.

Of course, if you are in private practice doing FFS then you can’t afford that. In fact, no one can. The hospital employed practices will also lose money on it. But the ivory tower idiots, who thought of this thing, will love it.

It’s sad. It’s funny. It’s an emotional roller coaster of bullshit. But I, as a DPC doc, never have to deal with it.

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